Tutorial for COZE MAT

The MAT consists of different parts with different purpose. Simple photos and words can not deliver the message efficiently as a quick guidance. To make sure our customers can learn the how-to as soon as possible, we made a video tutorial. It is 3 minutes long but we will leave the timestamp below so that you can search for what you need and save the effort.

MAT Essential's

00:00---00:10 The basic use of MAT

00:10---00:18 How to use Mousepad+

00:18---00:48 How to use the Clip as filestand

00:48---01:14 How to use the device stand


01:14---01:39 How to use the BOX

01:39---02:39 How to use the POWERSTAND

General advice

02:39---02:55 How to clean the MAT

Tutorial for COZE MAT